5 Things Ginimbi's Cars Say About Him

He's got quite the expensive fleet of cars.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure  | Fashion

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Opulent businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure has undoubtedly an extreme car fetish which he seems to satisfy any opportunity he gets. Boasting about his lavish life is also not a problem for the business tycoon. With cars he does not know what to do with after the first ride, any new luxurious and fast car on the market, he will purchase without a doubt.

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“I only enjoy a car when it’s new, after that I get another new one.” said the businessman.

He has also stated that he has no idea how many cars he has to date. However, he still has eyes on a few 2019 releases as soon as they hit the market in South Africa. 

But what does his car collection say about the braggart. 


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Scarcity amongst luxury cars seems to be the benchmark. This is to highlight the fact that not everyone will have it seemingly because only a few are manufactured yearly. A person seen riding this car will undoubtedly be noticed. Ginimbi is known for wanting attention anywhere and everywhere he goes. Being the talk of the town is something he desires, hence his choice of cars. Ginimbi has been quoted a few times making remarks of how famous and wealthy he is.

“This is Bentyaga 2017, welcome to the life of the rich and famous, my guy. Look at this, it is an iPad, not an iPad from the iStore. Bentley my guy, you know.” 

Rolls Royce Wraith

ginimbirollsroyce.png 317.64 KB

Young and successful 

According to manufacturers of Rolls Royce drivers of the car are entrepreneurs in their mid-30s to mid-50s. Rolls Royce drivers tend to say “I am the best, so I will buy the best.” Ginimbi is a 37-year-old entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Pioneer gases. With his status, it is fitting to own such a car or two which says a lot about his entitlement and attention seeking personality.

Mercedes G63 Brabus

ginimbimercedes.jpg 122.99 KB

Softer side 

Drivers of Mercedes cars look for comfort and above all else, performance. They often expect what they are paying for. A successful businessman like Ginimbi want the finer things in life and their toys should be a reflection of that. With his busy work schedule and the travelling, sometimes your piece of mind is priority at that stage. What better way than driving home in a Mercedes for such comfort. 

It was recently reported that he is in the process of starting an entrepreneurship programme targeting 100 youths from across Zimbabwe. It will be called “Tomorrow’s Geniuses’ Foundation”. The programme is set to begin in September. This is his way of giving back to his community seeing how he comes from an impoverished background. 

Range Rover SVR 2017 & 2019

ginimbirangerover.jpg 166.42 KB

Men who drive Range Rovers are men who like to flex their muscles. A type of man that is not afraid to intimidate others and echo how better they are in anything they do. They have a desire to be in charge at all times, adventurous at times, but definitely want to be seen for their strength and worth. He has been flashing his travel lifestyle so this car is a perfect representation of how he likes to live his life.

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