Enzo Ishall Heading To Asia!

Enzo is doing big things!

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Enzo Ishall 

Zimbabwean singer and songwriter Enzo Ishall has just confirmed that he will be jetting off to Asia for a hotly anticipated multi-nation tour.

Enzo announced the news on his Instagram page, just weeks after he was unveiled as the newest signee to Asian promo company, TeeMak promotions. They wasted no time in getting the boy on the road and Enzo has already confirmed shows in Malaysia, China, Singapore and India for next month!

The excited Enzo took to Instagram to break the news where he said,
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Fans were thrilled for him, although a few joked that he might be at risk of contracting the coronavirus which broke out in Asia. Interestingly, another Zimbabwean muso, Stunner, was also joking about the virus recently.

Refusing to be baited into the jokes, Enzo focused strictly on his work. He has just flown out to Tanzania where he is likely to work with a number of their biggest acts. Plot Makho confirmed on Earground when he said;

"Eargound caught up with Enzo’s manager, Teemak from his Malaysia base and he confirmed that the Zimbabwean star was heading east and would be working with S2kizzy on some new tracks. "

Thankfully, people are focused on the positive side of his career right now, rather than the negatives. Earlier in January, Enzo found himself trending when it was rumoured that he was beefing with Passion Java. However, he set the record straight when he said,

“Nothing happened between me and Java. He came and helped me. Chillspot Records is my home. We were taught things like loyalty and respect. Wherever I am going to go, I will carry that with me,I was not signed by Prophet Passion but he helped me… we really appreciate his role in Zimdancehall"

Do you think 2020 is the year of Enzo?

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