All You Need to Know About the Winky D vs Jah Prayzah Show

We've always wanted to watch these two live

By  | Nov 28, 2020, 01:02 PM  | Winky D  | Drama

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There's nothing that has separated music fans in Zimbabwe quite like the argument of who's better between Jah Prayzah and Winky D

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It is quite literally an argument that splits the nation in half although they're the few who don't choose either side and say let's enjoy them both. There's no arguing that the two are quite possibly the biggest artists in Zimbabwe so it was only right that people finally got the chance to settle this debate for themselves. The show named "Best of Both Worlds” is set to take place next month at the HICC in Harare and they will ticket for a live audience.

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They're going to be a 100 guests allowed in the audience which will allow the show to fit in with the current coronavirus regulations. And for these exclusive tickets, one will have to part with $50 (USD). The show is going to be a pay per view event, so those at home can stream it online for $2 (USD) or equivalent.

Jah Prayzah and Winky D have been riding high this year from the success of their last projects. Jah Prayzah released his album Hokoyo which has been well received and it's YouTube videos have astronomical numbers for Zimbabwean music. Winky D released his extremely controversial album Njema as the year began and he sold out the HICC for its initial release.

In an interview, the events Kayse Connect through their representative Elton Kurima said those who fail to be among the 100 guests will have to view the show online for a small fee.

“The show is by public demand and we decided to host the two giants under one roof. It is not a clash, but a normal performance where they play songs on request."

 "We have a guest list of 100 in line with Covid-19 regulations. We will be guided by those regulations. You will see the set-up there is social distancing for guests while masks and sanitizers are a must.

“The show will be online, but not for everyone. After paying US$2 we give you a link that will connect you to the show,” he said.

“We are working with Gateway Stream and the pay per view is US$2 while those who want to access the VIP, meeting the artists live will have to part with $50.

“After paying, one can request favourite songs from the musicians. It is a different set up.” Kurima said the show will not be uploaded on YouTube.

“The show will go on as planned and it will not be streamed on YouTube. However, we will delay uploading it on YouTube,” he said.
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