Magaya Responds To Rape Allegations

He Denies The Accusations

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The Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader, prophet Walter Magaya finally broke the silence over the rape allegations that he is currently facing. Magaya who denied the accusations said that he did not rape anyone and the Maenzanise’s want to extort money from him.

Prophet Magaya also outlined that he is a victim of blackmail and intimidation from the Maenzanise family which thinks they can easily squeeze some money from the popular prophet.

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Magaya also told H-metro that the producer of A-list programme where the Maenzanise’s came out accusing him of rape, once approached him and blackmailed him to help her financially or else she was going to use the social media to drag the man of the cloth to the mud.

He said “I remain focused to my calling since the truth will always come out. What I know is that I am a victim of extortion and I have decided to stop feeding extorting mouths because they are ever demanding.”

“Enisia was helping at the IT department before she left to the UK and she has been threatening to destroy me through social media if I fail to support her financially and this is it."

“If you stop helping someone he or she begins to hate you unaware that we have many children to give help. Anoramba achida kubatsirwa chete haagute. When I help people I am giving them seeds to start their own businesses, but many take the seeds for lunch and return expecting more zvekuti umwe anenge achatouya negirlfriend yake kuti ndimupe mari yekunofara zvake.”

“Such people are the ones who turn against me when I stop helping them and seek ways to tarnish me, but I will remain focused.”

Magaya also said that he forgives the Maenzanise’s and still sees them as his children although they have raised such a mammoth accusation against him.

“Maenzanise family will remain, my children, I received through the ministry as well as Enisia. I wish them more grace and urge them to Believe in the word I planted in them and shun building their ministries though destroying other people. I will not be forced to dance to people’s tunes, but remain focused on my calling because the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few and we have not time to waste.”

However many social media users could not take the prophet’s word and are questioning why he is always accused of issues that are of the same calibre. Many also believe that Magaya uses the money to silence his victims and he might be conducting some talks with the Maenzanise’s to silence them over the matter.

It is not the first time prophet Walter Magaya has been accused of rape, he was once accused of sexual assault sometime in 2017. The issue, however, took another twist with the victim changing her statement and apologising to Prophet Magaya for falsely accusing him.

Beverly Sibanda also vaguely accused the PHD leader of using his money to lure women in his church to bedding them.

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