Magaya Accused Of Another Rape Case

The Public Calls For Justice

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It is barely a year after the PHD ministries leader Prophet Magaya walked scot-free after he was accused of raping one of his congregants.The congregant dropped the charges she had raised against the man of the cloth.

Moreover, there has been another new rape allegation that has been raised by parents of an 18year old PHD congregant that their child has been sexually assaulted by the PHD Ministries leader several times leading to her falling pregnant.

In a video shared on social media on A list programme, the parents to the victim, Godfrey and Molly Maenzanise opened up that they were followers of Prophet Walter Magaya .

"Magaya gave my husband a prophecy saying my husband was not happy, he then took our daughters aside and talked to them, but told them not to tell us what they had discussed," sobbed Mrs Maenzanise ."

“He then prayed for me and told me that he wanted to see me in private and after two weeks I went to Magaya’s house in Marlborough, that’s when I received the shock of my life. My children are transparent and open, but I was told by prophet Magaya that my daughter was pregnant. My daughter had just turned 18 years.”

“I was shocked, and prophet Magaya told me that the pregnancy was 2 weeks old and that my daughter was scared to tell us. He also told me that the person who was responsible had refused to take care of the pregnancy and said that he was just playing with my daughter,” explained Mrs. Maenzanise.

“I was unemployed and Magaya helped to pay my children’s fees and arrears at their school that’s when Prophet Magaya took advantage,” added Godfrey.

“Magaya encouraged us to keep quiet about the issue and accept our daughter . However, we couldn’t afford money for her delivery. She was then called by Magaya’s wife Tendayi and she was given $200 from Prophet Magaya for maternity in 2014. We were thankful for the prophet's generous gesture  little did we know that he was the culprit,”

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“She then got married in 2016 and she opened up about the abuse to her husband that she got from Magaya. She then later told us that prophet Magaya was the father to her child. She said that the prophet raped her at his homestead in the prayer room and in the toilet several times .”

Furthermore,other Zimbolebs like Olinda Chapel, she has called for the young girls to speak out on sexual abuse and for the jurisdiction to take action on Prophet Magaya's rape accusations.

Other social media followers have also urged the Maenzanise's to ask for DNA tests in order to have proof over the matter and that the courts should not let the man of cloth go free this time.

Some church leaders who have been convicted of sexual assault include Pastor Haisa and Bishop Martin Gumbura .

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