Vimbai Zimuto Is Monetising Her Nudes

This time it isn't for herself

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Vimbai Zimuto  | Drama

Controversial Netherlands-based Zimbabwean artist, Vimbai Zimuto, who has since become a body-positivity activist, has announced that she will now be selling her nude pictures.

The news came during her solo exhibition dubbed “V'Tude Photographic Art Exhibition and Concert” where she surprised her guests with body art (appearing in body neon art that glowed in the dark) before proceeding  to perform some of her hit songs, which included "Ndoda Kumboreva” , “African Men” and "Lamentations" to name a few.

In her announcement, Vimbai explained that all proceeds will go to her Huya Uone Africa Trust, and therefore urged those who are interested in purchasing her pieces to visit her social media pages, inbox or even use her mobile number.

In recent months, the “Handimbokukanganwa” singer came under fire on social media for posting nude images of herself, with some fans even going as far as saying Free Vimbai Zimuto's Photographer. However, in an interview with Acie Lumamba, on his radio show The Lumumba Files, Vambai replied to her critics. She shared that the pics are a way of liberating herself, as she revealed that she is a victim of sexual abuse. She narrated the amount of contempt she had towards herself for many years (even during her marriage) because of the ordeal, and how she had to learn to love herself if she wanted to overcome this inferiority complex.

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Although many believe that the 36-year-old Vimbai is an attention seeker, she has defended her honour many times, stating that she views her pictures as nude art and above all, she posts them for herself. While there are those who are against the posting of such pictures, some men do flood her inbox, making special requests of pictures that show her lady parts. This was revealed by the artist herself during her exhibition, claiming that prominent Zimbabwean men - who are very popular - make these requests.

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