Free Vimbai Zimuto's Photographer!

Social media is doing the most..again.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Vimbai Zimuto  | Drama

Concern for the person behind the camera in Netherlands based nude artist, Vimbai Zimuto's obscene photoshoots has risen.

Seeing her hype slowly dwindling into oblivion due to monotonous posts, Zimuto has taken her nudity art a notch higher. She is starting to reveal more than she used to as a way of gaining traction and her latest post has successfully harvested attention back towards her.

In her latest post, the controversial singer is pictured totally naked, as usual, while holding a baby to her chest in a way that reveals part of her nipple which she usually has covered in other posts.

Vimbai's old post where she would have her nipples covered.
Vimbai's latest post giving a teaser to her usually covered nipples.

And these were the sentiments aired in relation to the camera person.

ndinongochema na cameraman wako.ane basa rakanaka fani

I think camera man ndiye arikudya chte nekut uuum

mukanyaa_Cameraman anenge akupihwa maYuwesi chete uyu!
ndinongochema na cameraman wako.ane basa rakanaka fani

While others believe Vimbai is getting close to showing everything.

Pride Arafat Rwa
Zvirikubuda mbijana mbijana hero nipple

Wilbert Nyahada Nyati Yes Yes zvakuzoita manje munhu uya atitarisa guys, ngaachibvisa mwana uyo pliz. Takusvika manje, let us be patient 😀😀😀

Tivakudze H Tafuma U are coming right, facing camera, we won't give up, we keep on checking u... Takamira tsombonyo lol

Malvern Mawarire Vimbai we are very patient zvedu slowly but surely uchasvika hako patakatarisira kkkkkkk

Meanwhile, last month, she was attacked by rising hip-hop singer Kikky BadAss who accused Zimuto of stealing her concept which the latter never bothered to respond to.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram