Ti Gonzi Issues Apology To Mudiwa

The rapper is now a changed man

By  | May 01, 2020, 04:51 PM  | Ti Gonzi  | Drama

Ti Gonzi has apologized to his "older brother" Mudiwa for talking badly about him.

A few weeks, Ti Gonzi in an Instagram Live with Ingoda TV which was meant to be about Hip Hop turned rather weird when the artist shared his opinion about Mudiwa Hood.

Without missing a beat, the rapper said "Mudiwa anedzungu"

Ti Gonzi went on to admit that he has a smoking problem and if someone was to call him out on it, he would gladly take their advice because he knows he has the weakness for it.

He says Mudiwa's two weaknesses are that he is too forward and that he likes to show off his wealth.

In a twist of events, Ti Gonzi has now apologised for his words after sitting down with his new manager Dr. Bond has had to make hard decisions.

Ti Gonzi released a statement on Facebook, apologizing over being "disrespectful" to his elder.

"Nomatter what I had no reason to do that. There is a lot of people vanofurira and sometimes just by association they even buy us zvinodhaka and it ends up resulting in us kutaura zvatinongoda.Now Iam a changed man, I have repented and ndakunamata kuteverawo my management. So I wanna take this time to genuinely ask for forgiveness especially to my elder brother Mudiwa. [sic]"

The rapper also extended his apologies to everyone who didn't like his actions.

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Image credit: Facebook/ Ti Gonzi