SuperSport United Suspends Kudawashe Mahachi Amid Abuse Allegations

He has been suspended from all club football activities with immediate effect

By  | May 14, 2022, 10:44 AM  | Drama

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SuperSport United player Kuda Mahachi has been suspended following accusations that he scalded his 4-year-old son with boiling water, leading to 3rd-degree burns. 

The football player has been making headlines after his ex-wife Marita Peresu Ndlovu made the shocking allegations against him. Now, the football club has decided to suspend him to deal with his family and the allegations against him.

In a statement the club said: “SuperSport United FC has become aware of the serious allegations levelled against our player, Kudawashe Mahachi."

“The club has suspended the player from all club football activities with immediate effect. He has been advised to attend to his family & the allegations against him," read the statement.

Tweeps have reacted to Kuda's allegations.

Kudawashe is facing horrific child abuse allegations. He is accused of pouring boiling water on his son, resulting in severe injuries and the amputation of his right leg, according to his ex-wife.

The soccer star has denied the allegations and has threatened to sue her. In a lawsuit statement published by iHarare, Tanaka Law Chambers, the firm representing Mahachi, instructed Marita to retract any false statements that she made about their client within 24 hours of receiving it."

She has also been asked to publish a public apology on the media platform she used to make the allegations. "If the above demands are not met within the prescribed timelines above, we have strict instructions to sue you for damages for defamation, pain and suffering and so we estimated them to be in the tune of 55 million Zimbabwean Dollars without any further notice to yourself. And should you comply with the above we advise that our client will still reverse the rights to take any further appropriate actions," read part of the lawsuit.

They say the allegations have affected Mahachi severely and they have tarnished his reputation. Furthermore he fears for his life now.

"Our client has lived in fear of his life in that your story has caused him to be attacked on social media platforms and as such he has been off social media as a result of your unfortunate rants and revs about our client being abusive towards his only son,” further read the letter.

Kuda has however shifted the blame on his sisters, accusing them of allegedly torturing his son.

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