Stunner Highlights How Women "Abuse" Men

It is unclear unless he meant or he is serious but Stunner has created a conversation.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 01:50 PM  | Drama

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Stunner has taken to Instagram to suggest how women are “abusive” to men. The Dzimudzaranga musician posted a video of a woman with an ample posterior trying to get her fresh produce. The gag is that while she is trying to get her fresh produce there is man in front doing the same.  
After a while the man realizes that the woman is gifted and has to keep his hands to himself. But after she walks away the elderly man stands there stunned by the experience.  Stunner went on to suggest that this is the abuse that she has been talking about when he refers to women abusing men. 
The video earned laughter from his followers and consensus from other Zimbabwean men.

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Image credit: Instagram @stunnerzim
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