Stunner: Your Wife Dreams About Me

The woman slid into the DM’s, while the husband was talking trash.

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 01:27 PM  | Stunner  | Drama

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Stunner has had the last laugh between him and troll if his latest Instagram post is anything to go by. The rapper posted a screenshot of a direct message from a female fan complimenting about his dance moves. Apparently she enjoyed seeing them so much that she carried the imagery into her dreams, and then some…

But the rapper who has been caught with his pants down before, did not share the post to brag necessarily, but to prove a point. In his caption he says that the woman is actually married, and her husband is a cyberbully that is always trying to drag him publicly. 

The Dzimu Dzaranga rapper posted the heated DM, which is apparently one of many, to say that “your life ne time yauinayo. No one gives out trophies for social media bullying.”

He ended the post with a little spice by writing that, “Now every time I see you I know your wife dreams about me.” Ouch…

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Image credit: Instagram @stunnerzim
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