Stunner's Family Still "Ashamed" Of Sex Tape

They still haven't forgotten...

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Stunner  | Drama

It's been nearly 7 years since Stunner found himself at the heart of a sex tape scandal with his then-girlfriend, Pokello. And from what Zimbolebs has learnt, not everybody has forgotten about the incident.

"He's the embarrassment of the family" - said a source close to Zimbolebs when asked if Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme, is a favourite in his family. The source agreed to speak to us if her identity would remain a secret and when she eventually spilt the tea, she didn't hold back at all.

Stunner was infamously identified as one of the willing participants in a sex tape that leaked to the Zimbabwean masses back in 2012. That incident feels like it took place a lifetime ago -- Stunner and his partner, Pokello are no longer together, for starters -- but it has shapped both of their respective careers.

While Stunner is still trying his best to maintain relevance day in and day out, his family has not allowed him to move past the incident. A source opened up to us and revealed the pain and humiliation that the incident caused, "It felt like he would do anything from fame. Can you name me one star who became famous because of a sex-tape? It's not impressive and what's worse is he's doing this with the family name".

When asked if there had been enough time to try and find a resolution, the source replied "He's family, so of course we will always love and support him. But it's also the kind of thing he still needs to take ownership and accountability of how much damage he did the family name".

Something as intimate as a sex tape leak has the potential to ruin careers and both Stunner and Pokello have had to shake off the reputational damage that theirs caused. Very recently Pokello was quoted as saying:

“But I was able to turn around that situation and use it in my favour. So I don’t encourage young girls to do controversial things thinking it will propel them into stardom.

“Because how many people have tried it, and it has not taken them anywhere. I may be the only one you know, right?

“Most of them you don’t know; you don’t even remember them. Why? Because they died down with that controversy.”

Despite owning up to the mistake, Pokello explained how she was able to get over it:

“Now I am Pokello and I am the most followed person in the country on Facebook and Instagram and it means people follow the brand for a reason…”

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