Stunner In Hot Water After Woman Stripped Naked On His Live

The star was live on Instagram and it went down.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 02:12 PM  | Stunner  | Drama

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Award-winning Zimbabwean rapper Stunner, has landed himself in hot water following his recent live video, which has  gone viral on the internet. The video has been set tongues wagging on social media with many lashing out at him.

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The rapper recently went live on Instagram and a fan by the name of Amai Koko, said she wanted to preform for him, after a few minutes the woman stripped naked and started performing some nasty sexually suggestive moves. Stunner is seen puzzled by what he is seeing, but this did not deter social media users from dragging him.

The video has raised eyebrows to many fans especially because he is a married man, and this happened while a live audience was watching.

Fans have slammed him for not ending the video soon, but some have rallied behind him. In a video he posted on social media Stunner has since issued an apology, saying he was ambushed and promised to do better next time.

"I know my live sessions are no under 18 because of the topics we discuss but yesterday was way outside my comfort zone and I’m sorry to my followers and next time i shall be more respectful and careful when adding people . Kutya kunzi ndakwata ndokwatisvitsa pano. IM SORRY GUYS, I WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME. I apologise."

This is not the first time Stunner has done something strange. In 2012 a sex tape of him and Pokello Nare was leaked on the internet and it caused quiet a stir. A source told Zimbolebs that the star embarrassed his family.

"It felt like he would do anything from fame. Can you name me one star who became famous because of a sex-tape? It's not impressive and what's worse is he's doing this with the family name".

"He's family, so of course we will always love and support him. But it's also the kind of thing he still needs to take ownership and accountability of how much damage he did the family name," said the source.

Pokello was quoted saying instead of ruining her reputation the sex tape catapulted her career.

“I was able to turn around that situation and use it in my favour. So I don’t encourage young girls to do controversial things thinking it will propel them into stardom. “Because how many people have tried it, and it has not taken them anywhere. I may be the only one you know, right?

“Most of them you don’t know; you don’t even remember them. Why? Because they died down with that controversy.”
she said.

Stunner is married to Dyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika but their relationship is no stranger to controversy.

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