Stunner Hits Hard Times?

He says all is well

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Stunner  | Drama

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Hip Hop artist Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner denied that he has fallen on hard times after he moved back to his parents’ house in Glenorah.

Stunner told a local tabloid newspaper H-metro that he has missed ghetto life and wants to experience it in preparation for his next album.

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He said “I have not hit hard times, and yes I am back home in Glen Norah just to get a feel of what’s happening in the ghetto now."

“I am here because of the new album that I am currently working on. It is about the stories that happen in the ghetto, so I am just here to pen what I know, the lingo and the swag. I just needed to be away from all that and focus on my new album.” he said.

Furthermore, there have been rumours that the Tazoita Cash Records boss separated with his baby mama Deyone Tafirenyika and the two have been fighting over issues of infidelity and other monetary issues.
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However social media had no kind words for Stunner and highlighted that ever since Olinda Chapel left him, his financial life have been in shambles .

Tinashe Bako“Stunner ngaasatinyepere ,umm experience ghetto life kudii iwe wakakurira ikoko ,you are broke ,Olinda and Pokello vaikujagger.”

GailadChasi“Stunner is broke ,anoiwanepi mari nemusic yake iyoyo yaanoimba ,you grew up in the ghetto uda kuexperiencer chii futi chinyowani .”

Henania the Godfather “Boys re hip hop hamuna chinhu you are all gold diggers ,iwewe ,exq ,carlos green and tytan hamuna chinhu ,wakabroker stunner”

Recently Stunner had a fall out with his girlfriend on his birthday party after he pushed her violently and entertained other females who were at the party.

Moreover, he then blamed it on the alcohol and wrote his apology on his official Instagram page. Stunner is one of the Hip hop rappers in Zimbabwe and has endorsed many local brands.

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