Stunner And Dyonne Have Reportedly Called It Quits

Another relationship bites the dust

By  | May 13, 2022, 07:15 PM  | Stunner  | Drama

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Hip-hop artist, Stunner and his wife Dyonne Tanaka were once one of the country's favorite power couples in the limelight. Previously, they were major power couple goals on social media, leaving their followers in awe, but lately they've been making headlines for the wrong reasons.

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According to Iharare the couple has called it quits and it seems this time around it's for good. They are no stranger to break ups - in the past they have made headlines for their break ups, but they always ended up rekindling their love.

In April, Stunner made headlines after he was accused of Gender Based Violence. It is alleged that he assaulted her at the Rainbow Towers Hotel after she refused to hand over her phone to him.

The rapper allegedly followed her into the women's restroom and allegedly punched and kicked her as she lay on the floor. He was also accused of pulling her artificial nails.

The incident angered many social media users . It appears their relationship hit rock bottom after the alleged assault incident. Yesterday, the musician appeared in court on charges related to the incident, and his representative Dumisani Mthombeni confirmed that they are no longer together.

"Stunner is desirous to stand trial and is confident that he will be acquitted of the false allegations, we are eager to defend our client so that he can get on with his life. The complainant, and the accused, have a child together, but they are no longer together as a couple. But, the complainant went to his house and took all his household property, leaving him with nothing. She is determined to make his life miserable," quoted Mthombeni by iHarare.

The couple has a daughter together and yesterday Stunner celebrated his birthday. Taking to his Instagram account, he shared a video of him with his daughter. He penned a heartfelt message where he expressed his happiness at spending his special day with his daughter.

"I typed so much and deleted. I’m not happy about this video but thank you for letting me see my daughter, she made it a happy birthday. All I know is being the world to her," he captioned the post.

Another famous Zimbabwean star who is accused of assaulting his wife is DJ Fantan. The DJ was arrested on Tuesday after his wife opened a case of assault against him. According to H-Metro , Gamuchirai Nemukunyu is tired of apparently being a punching bag and wishes justice would prevail for her.

“I have suffered enough at the hands of this man. He has been assaulting me, abusing me, destroying our property and I think it’s high time justice takes its course," quoted by the publication.

Gamuchirai accuses him of not giving her money, despite wanting her to do the household chores. According to her, she does not want her to do anything but be a housewife.

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