Souljah Luv Disses Bounty Lisa

Seems like NOT all fair in love and war

By  | Oct 23, 2020, 11:20 AM  | Drama

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In a rather tasteless and misguided effort at revenge or something else along those lines. The dancehall chanter Souljah Luv has released a special dedication or a diss track rather, to his ex-wife Bounty Lisa. The song comes just days after Bounty Lisa is said to have given birth to a baby boy. The father of the child is a new man she has been dating who is only known to go by the name Paul. The song comes as one of many overtures or antagonistic acts that have been made by the controversial Zim dancehall chanter since Bounty Lisa divorced him. 
In an interview with Star FM last year, the artist said, 
"I am not divorced from Bounty Lisa, I am still married to her. Yes! she divorced me but I am still married to her, I love her."
At one time the two were the power couple of the Zim dancehall genre but they had a turbulent marriage. They were often allegations of abuse by Souljah love and he is said to have been heavily addicted to drugs. Bounty Lisa made no unclear statement that she had moved on after her divorce from the Zim dancehall star. 
Responding to questions related to the issue of their communication after their divorce, last year she said, “We don’t talk. I have even lost his contacts because there is nothing that keeps me talking to him. He is history and he will always remain history."
Souljah love, however, made another plea, blaming his behaviour during their marriage on drugs. The artist said, 
"Zvawaiona zvese zviya zvichiitika sandi kuti ndaida, it’s just that no one really knows what one goes through after taking it. That one is a satanic drug now, no one really knows where it comes from it’s unlike mbanje, the tree of wisdom from King Solomon’s grave…Kuti usiye it’s not easy because inotokudaidza iyo kuti huya. That’s why I say it’s a satanic drug, and today that’s why urge the youth to stay away from bronco, mutoriro and the likes.” 

Yet Souljah love was also caught on video last year dissing his ex-wife about the title queen of Helmet. In the new song's chorus sang by Humba, he goes, 
"Wonondiudzira vakuru venyika kuti hatisi tose nabhebhi, wonondiudzira marriage officer kuti hatisi tose nabhebhi, chandakatadza ndachishaya ndakanganwa..." 
Souljah love also sings "bvisa tattoo, funga katwo..." referring to how Bounty Lisa and he got each other's names tattooed. The song also features extremely unsavoury lyrics where Souljah questions whether he was engaging in sex the wrong way with his ex-wife. Whatever anger might be there from the divorce this is truly uncalled for as it is meant to ruin Bounty Lisa's celebration of new life.
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