Souljah Love Disappoints Fans in Cape Town & Claims Sabotage

By  | Nov 02, 2020, 11:40 AM  | Drama

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The controversial Zim dancehall artist Souljah love is said to have missed his Saturday Night performance in Capetown and although an official reason hadn't been given, social media was quick to speculate. Fans were quick to point out his previous instances of failure to perform due to intoxication and many expressed their disappointment. In an interview with Earground Souljah love has however chosen to explain events from his point of view.

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In the video he said that the show was due to end at 12 but the promoters only arrived to pick him up at 12:11. He said they used his name to get the crowd to come to the event and then let only Pumacol, Anita Jaxson, Poptain and Jah Master perform while sabotaging him. He described how initially in April he was scheduled to perform alone but due to covid-19 the show didn't happen until now when they were grouped together.
The Zim dancehall artist went on to say he misses his fans like he misses his mother "Stembeni" and now he was getting blamed for the promoters lack of organisation. He indicated that as Mad Boys Events this was their first gig. Souljah love further apologised to his fans and he added that he knows how these things get twisted to make him seem like the bad guy but he was willing to perform and even got into the car when the promoters picked him up late from the hotel. 
However upon getting to the venue of the gig they found out it was already being shut down to adhere to covid-19 regulations. The chanter also pointed out that these are business people and not entertainment people so their interests are primarily business. He promised to organise his own show to make it up to his fans soon and hopefully that happens.
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