'Being Born A Parirenyatwa Is My First F**k Up'

Ruvheneko is not pulling back.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa  | Drama

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Popular television and radio personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa says her life has been a series of f**k ups.

She said this during her confession presentation on the program F**k Up Nights Harare on Friday night where she also stated that people say her being born a Parirenyatwa is her first f**k up.

"My Entire Existence Is A Series of F**k Ups. Twitter will tell me, your first f**k up was being born a Parirenyatwa," said Parirenyatwa.

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She spoke of all her career f**k ups starting from when she thought she would be work as a medical practitioner only to have her dream shuttered in her O'level exams.

"I had always thought that I would be a paediatrician someday. However, my dream was shuttered on my O'level exams after my phone rang during a Biology exam and I got disqualified. This was my first career f**k up," she said before letting the cat out of the bag about her talk show

"Years later, there I am at ZIFM Stereo, and I decided to interview Pastor Evan Mawarire the days that #ThisFlag was still very new. You all know that, with the political environment in Zimbabwe at that time, it was a very risky thing to do. I was taken off air registering my first Ruvheneko talk show f**k up.

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"A few months later, this time without any platform to talk of, I received a call from Stunner who suggested that I interview him following his fallout with Olinda. Because I did not have a platform, he suggested that we use the same platform that Olinda was using to "tarnish his image", that is Facebook live.

"I quickly gathered a crew to help set up for the shoot and we had a very fruitful debut start to Ruvheneko show online. From there my journey online started."

She continued and said, "When all seemed to be going well, my I.T guy, Tafadzwa whom I had started with from scratch and a key member to Ruvheneko online died. I just lost the will to carry on from there. When we buried him I buried the show. My f**k up here was overly relying on a person," she said before reciting how joining Zimpapers from there was also a fuck up.

"Afterwards, having lost the will to go at it alone, I joined Zimpapers because I just wanted some security, like any woman of my age would want, that is getting your salary every week, rents paid and medical aid.

"This was another f**k up, for I prioritised security over my destiny," said Ruvheneko while concluding.

She also promised her followers a massive come back which will happen on her time. 

F**kup Nights is a program where professionals in different trades are given an opportunity to openly speak or admit their mistakes and failures during work conduction in their respective professions.   

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