Meet Roki's Wives, Baby Mamas, And Children

His two wives once lived together

By  | Dec 29, 2022, 11:50 AM  | Rockford "Roki" Josphat  | Drama

Rockford Josphats better known as Roki is a versatile Zimbabwean musician who produces music ranging from Urban Groove, Soca, Dancehall, Afro-pop and House music.

Born in 1985, Roki began his musical career in 2001 at the age of 16 after dropping out of school the year before.

Roki who has made a name for himself as a gifted songwriter and performer has also ventured into the film industry and in 2012, he was a contestant on the popular reality show- Big Brother Africa.

But while Roki’s career seems to be grounded and solid, the musician’s personal life is a different story and according to sources, Roki has been married at least twice and has at least five children with different women.

In 2012, Roki caused a stir after he housed both his ex-wives in the same house in Waterfalls in an attempt to cut down costs. 

Although initially, Roki had revealed that his two ex-wives were getting along well and things were great, in 2013, the two women were reportedly evicted from their shared house after they defaulted on their rent. Following their eviction, they went their separate ways and vowed to cut off Roki from their lives.

Here is everything you need to know about Roki’s wives and his children.

Pauline Gundidza

Roki, Pauline and their daughter, source: Instagram

Pauline Gundidza, also known as Mai Sky was Roki’s first wife and the mother of his two children- Skye (born 2005) and Minana (born 2010).

Born in 1985, Pauline Gundzidza attended Dominican Convent High School in Harare for her O Levels before joining Music Crossroads Academy where she earned a Certificate in Music.

Like Roki, Pauline Gundzidza is also a musician and was a member of the popular band called Mafriq together with Lovedale 'Discord' Makalanga and Tungamirai 'Tunga T' Tavi. The band was disbanded in 2010.

Roki and Pauline Gundidza got married in 2004 but their relationship did not last long and they divorced. Despite their divorce, Pauline and Roki remained on good terms and continued to work together. 

Melody Musekiwa

The late Melody Musekiwa, source: Facebook

Melody Musekiwa was Roki’s second wife and the mother of one of his children- a daughter called Dawn.

Melody was a talented dancer who went by the stage name- Chocolate and a musician who was known as Female Bhuru.

She and Roki met when she was his backup dancer and the two got married in 2012. Like Roki’s first marriage, his marriage to Melody Musekiwa did not last, and the two divorced.

After avoiding the limelight for a couple of years, Melody returned to the entertainment scene in 2017. She reinvented herself as a musician and released her debut single Anondida. She went on to release other singles that were inspired by her life including Byron na Wayne, and Zesa.

Sadly, Melody Musekiwa passed away on the 17th of April 2021 after battling kidney and liver failure. She was laid to rest at the Zororo Memorial Park.

Other women who have dated Roki

Besides his failed relationships with his ex-wives Pauline and Melody, Roki was also in a serious relationship with renowned musician/actress- Ammara Brown in 2014. Although at the time Roki announced that the two were planning on getting married, they never did.

After breaking up with Pauline, Roki dated a woman called Amanda Naude but their relationship did not last. However, after 11 years, the two rekindled their relationship and Roki even announced that they had done their traditional wedding and were planning their white wedding. Amanda and Roki have a son together.

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