"Rich Friends Just Want to Use You'', Zuva Habane Rants

Shade for the Iceboys

By  | Oct 29, 2020, 09:45 AM  | Drama

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Socialite, Businesswoman and Urban Tete Amanda Zuva Habane laid down the law in a recent Livestream. She took to Instagram to get some words off her chest about men used as 'runners' the common term for an errand boy of a wealthy man. She started off by saying she would never date a man that was a runner.

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Zuva sad the only way she would allow her man to hang out with people with more money than him is if he was getting inspiration. She said agreeing to be a runner or the "ice boy" is degrading and whoever is sending you will never respect you after that. 

The video itself was titled "careful of kuitiswa" which be careful of being used. She continued to stress that a man should never agree to that role and that there's a chance "Mbinga inokudyira mukadzi" (The wealthy man will sleep with your wife). The socialite has never been the least bit shy to talk about the difficult issues like sex and politics among others. And with how there's a general low perception of "runners" in the general public it's hard to disagree with her rant. 

She went on to say if you're having discussions with a friend with money and you don't have business discussions then leave that person. The Urban Tete is convinced that their only intent is to use you. She stressed that they are men who use other men and leave them out of the important discussions.

Zuva Habane among her many successes boasts of being nominated for Businesswoman of the year for the African Women of Essence Awards 2019. So she clearly knows a thing or two about business and how business is discussed so her advice is not that easy to ignore.
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