'Pokello Didn't Dump Me' Says Stunner

The rapper lets the cat out of the bag

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Pokello Nare  | Drama

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Award-winning controversial musician, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has opened up on how his relationship with the Queen of Swagger, Pokello Nare, ended.

Stunner and Pokello’s relationship rose to prominence in 2011 when their bedroom video leaked.

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The sex tape opened several doors for the duo making them the biggest showbiz newsmakers in the country. Since their ordeal in 2011, they have remained relevant to date as the most followed public influencers in the showbiz industry. 

However, as they say, ‘nothing lasts forever’ the duo parted ways a year later after Pokello met her ex-husband, a Ghanaian actor and fashion designer, Elikem Kurmodzie at Big Brother Africa contest.

The developments made Stunner a laughing stock as people pointed out that the crooner was used by Pokello to gain fame only to be dumped later.

But Stunner has come out with specific details prior to his separation with Pokello. 

“Pokello never dumped me, prior to what people think she came to me after Big Brother and we sat down like mature adults as she presented her story that she was really starting to feel Elikem.

“After presenting her story I told her to go for it if she was really into it,” said Stunner.

The “Godo” hitmaker also added that, had he gotten the same opportunity with his ex, Olinda Chapel their story would be having a different narration.

“Unfortunately we did not get the same chance and opportunity with Olinda to sit and talk things out properly, she just erupted. Had we done things the same way as I did with Pokello, some shade throwing that people still witness on social media up to date would not be there, the story narration would be different,” said Stunner.
Stunner and wife Dyonne.

The rapper is currently in a relationship with Dyonne Tafirenyika (pictured) and they share a daughter together.

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