Pokello Claps Back At Critics

She is the queen of clapbacks!

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Pokello Nare  | Drama

Popular socialite and self-anointed Queen of Swagger, Pokello Nare has hit back on haters who are trashing her claim that she is the finest woman in Zimbabwe.

Posting on Twitter three days ago, the 33-year-old captivating stunner shared a sexy picture of her adorned in a long red dress and a classy black jacket captioning it, "They say, this is the finest woman in Zimbabwe, well I’m too tired to argue today."

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The claim evoked mixed emotions with most people lashing at Nare. While some suggested that she bleached, others advised her to take a trip around the country really assess before concluding herself as Zim's finest woman.

But, Nare would have none of it as she took some careful time responding to most of her critics.

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Below are some excerpts of Pokello (PN) responding to critics (Twimbo)

Twimbo: Pane vandinoziva vakadarika apo by far kungoti zvavo bag chete ndiro ravasina.
PN: Kana vazawana bhegi racho tozovaona. For now Striker ndiye uyo

Twimbo: Sometimes humility pays.Ko kuzvikwidza ndege yemashanga.Everyone is fine in their own way.I used to respect you for dressing up & posting different fashion styles for women,but this path you have started is dangerous.Pride goeth before destruction
PN: Sorry Jesus.

Twimbo: Come to Bulawayo our Queens will show you flames.
PN: I’m from Bulawayo. The irony.

Twimbo: Aka bleacher ototi anaka
PN: Usarwadziwe iwe, kumba kwenyu ndo kune vanotsvuka vakura seMango.isu standard procedure.

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Photo of 10-year-old Pokello that she the posted as proof that she has always been light-skinned.

While the debate rages on, at the end of the day, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

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Main Image Credit: instagram/pokellonare