Prophet Passion Angers Zimboz With Hunger Jest

How does a "man of God" make fun of people?

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Passion Java  | Drama

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“Vaswera nenzara, vamwe tatenga helicopter (They spent the whole day without food while we bought a helicopter),” were the words that came out of United States of America (USA) based, “man of God” Prophet Passion Java’s mouth sending bitter Zimbabweans into an offensive mode.

Passion who recently added a lavish luxury to his modes of transportation in the form of a helicopter was making his debut ride across Los Angeles city when he made a joke contrasting his lavish lifestyle to hunger-stricken people living in poverty.

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The development added to the question marks people always had on the man of cloth's genuineness to the word of God he claims to represent.

Passion's lifestyle that is miles away from typical clerics' humble characters has always raised eyebrows. His close relations with Zimdancehall artists where he portrays a promoter's image have neither done him any good as well.

"Pakuzoti vamwe vaswera nenzara uumm doesn't the Bible that he preaches rebukes mocking the less privileged, does it not rebuke the rich that value their positions.... I'm not against him neither am I judging but what I know in everything we do God has a final say," said one Instagram user.

"Ndiprophet prophet kana kuti izita reZimdancehall? I’m confused 😐 hanzi maswera nenzara 🤦🏽‍♂️ zvakaoma hazvo," added another user.

"Prophet uyu ari right by bragging with what he has...vasina kukwana are his followers who blindly and stupidly fund his lavish life," said one user who felt that the prophet's followers are the ones to blame.

Although a bulk of reactions to Passion's jest were against him, there was a section of followers who supported him.

"MaZimba ane godo vakomana kuita kuputirwa negodo,iwe kana uchiti Prophet Passion vakatenga helicopter memari yetithe,try it iwewe tione uakaitenga...maZimba tinotambura because we do not celebrate the success of other people. Ukunyora ipapa uchiti arikudya mari dzevanyu asi its clear kuti haana kudya yako,_so what's your problem?" said someone in defense.

While this rages on, it is paramount to note that a prophet is also human.

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