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Prophet Passion has returned to Zimbabwe although this time around it was a forced return by unfortunate circumstances. He was here just over 2 weeks ago but so much has happened since then it feels like it's been longer. Passion paid a visit to Lazarus Boora's family to pay his condolences yesterday and he was accompanied by Madam boss among others.

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In the video posted by Stewart Nyamayaro there was a sombre mood in the room as Passion Java went about greeting the family. Shuffling on his knees, in the women's room of grieving he went about the customary way of of "kubata maoko". Fans and haters of the Prophet alike commended the flamboyant man of God for his culture and humility. 

"inga utori munhu anobva kunevnhu wani" said one comment.

It was only later when he was leaving that he encountered a lighter mood as relatives who were fans of his came asking for selfies. In an initial Instagram post shared the day of Gringo's death, Prophet Passion had described him as a brother and a painful loss. They weren't very close in real life but like many Zimbabweans, Passion had a connection with Gringo from watching him grace our television screens for so long.

Following the visit to Gringo's family, Passion Java had an interview live on the 3 to 6 express on Star FM featuring popular radio personality KVG. The Prophet got extremely emotional describing his friendship with the recently departed Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure. He said that although they seemed like adversaries in the public eye they actually shared quite a close relationship and they always pushed each other to do better through their light-hearted competition. Prophet Passion described how he had a phone call with Genius just before his birthday and his "brother" shared amazing knowledge with him.

The conversation went on to discuss the so-called prophecies that have been shared online predicting Ginimbi's death. Prophet spoke at length on these and although he didn't know the prophets he said prophecy is meant to exalt God and if it is a true prophecy you should pray that someone finds grace and avoids the bad events instead of just sharing it on social media for fame. Passion Java was accompanied by Stunner and Rocque during his studio visit. The two were said to have spent most of the day with him.

Prophet Java rose to fame for his extravagant lifestyle and controversial opinions. Many continue to speculate about the source of his wealth as well as the authenticity of his ministry. 

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