Passion Java Has New Beef

Who is the new nemesis?

By  | Nov 28, 2020, 11:22 AM  | Passion Java  | Drama

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In recent days Passion Java was said to be at odds with the likes of Mai TT and Pokello. And Passion Java is not only said to be facing off with other socialites but also other men of the cloth. 

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Passion Java has been exchanging insults with Prophet Madungwe and it all emanated from the discussion of Ginimbi's destination in the afterlife. 
Madungwe said he was in hell and Passion on the other hand said he was in heaven and ever since those pronunciations they've been at odds. But a new beef has been added into the mix and it is ever escalating.

Andy Baleni or Mambo Ndini as he is known by most has taken aim at Passion Java. How the confrontation began it is still unclear but the 28-year-old founder of 1202 Herbal Solutions has a bone to pick with Passion. 

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On several live videos on Instagram, he blasted Java as a charlatan and said he was blacklisted from heaven. He has also gone after Passion Java's looks, saying he looks like a goat and even gave him the nickname "Mbudzaldo". Mambo Ndini also accused Passion of lying about his wealth and taking advantage of artists.

He posted screenshots on his page that was said to a conversation between Passion Java and one of the Chillspot producers. The conversation showed that Java had asked for a song to be done for him but upon completion, he was no longer replying messages. Mambo Ndini has gone as far as printing T-shirts that make of Passion with a message that he should stop using artists.

Both Mambo Ndini and Passion Java have been heavily involved with Zim dancehall artists. They're said to have sponsored several songs between them and the various initiatives to uplift the community. Passion Java is however not keeping quiet on the issue. Members of his close circle like Fally Ipupa Jr have been hitting back at Mambo Ndini calling him too small for what he's doing.

And Uncle Epatan who Passion Java bought a Mercedes Benz for released a diss track titled Wakashinga. The track was taking aim at Mambo Ndini ridiculing his business among other things.

Before Ginimbi's unexpected death he used to be at with Passion Java in a rather light-hearted battle of wealth. They competed in terms of cars, property and even their birthday parties. This year Ginimbi held an all-white party at what was his Domboshava mansion and Passion Java had a star-studded affair at the Capetown waterfront. It seems Mambo Ndini might be Passion Java's new nemesis and the gloves are off this time around. We can only wait and see what's next in this debacle.
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