Passion Java At Odds With Pokello & Mai Titi?

The Prophet has lost his passion, we mean patience for these two

By  | Nov 15, 2020, 03:29 PM  | Passion Java  | Drama

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Mai Titi took to social media to talk about a supposed rich guy called "John". From the onset Zimbabweans online took John to be Passion Java because the hints brought up by Mai Titi pointed to no one else.

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Mai Titi spoke about how John went to the funeral and tried to fit in into the front of the VIP section. John was refused access to it but he continued to try and negotiate. Mai Titi went on to say that John also tried to get a moment on the mic but again he was refused access to it.

He then left the event for a moment but then tried to get back in again. Mai Titi lambasted John for failing to understand that this was a funeral and everyone was just there to mourn. She said pushing for special treatment and trying to force the microphone into your hands signals that you have ulterior motives.

While on the same issue an excerpt from a live Instagram video that features Pokello has been making rounds around social media. In the video which was taken during Ginimbi's funeral, you can hear different voices talking about how Passion Java is not wanted there. Social media is also awash with rumors that it was Pokello specifically who did not want Passion Java at Ginimbi's funeral. In a seemingly misogynistic post on his Instagram this morning, it seems like Passion Java is hitting back at Pokello or Mai Titi.

The Gaffa Prophet as he calls himself posted a picture with the caption: 
"1st law of war — usarwe ne H nekuti H won’t look for trending, fame, views or followers, H roda mari, ukaona H rafirwa don’t even try anything unokuwara... ndapedza nekuti ma H anonetsa. #siyananeni"
Fans in the comments were quick to insinuate that the "H" in Passion Java's post was for the Shona word hure which is a prostitute in English. However, fans weren't sure who it was referring to between Pokello and Mai Titi. Here are some of the comments:

"Tag Mai Titi vaone message yavo iyi"

"Pokello siyana nesu"

"Pokello anorwara uyu"

"Mangwanani Mai Titi takati chii paye"
Earlier this week, Passion Java paid a visit to Lazarus Boora's aka Gringo's family shortly after he made an emotional appearance on Star FM featuring popular radio personality KVG. The Prophet got extremely emotional describing his friendship with the recently departed Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure. He said that although they seemed like adversaries in the public eye they actually shared quite a close relationship and they always pushed each other to do better through their light-hearted competition. Prophet Passion described how he had a phone call with Genius just before his birthday and his "brother" shared amazing knowledge with him. 
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