Hopewell Chin'ono & Passion Java Lock Heads

These two are hurling insults and shade!

By  | Dec 09, 2020, 09:42 AM  | Passion Java  | Drama

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The award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin'ono and the popular prophet Passion Java have never been shy of confrontation.

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Hopewell has taken aim at political elites of every office and even some celebrities, seen in his recent battle with Jah Prayzah. Passion Java had his long-running feud with Ginimbi and in recent times he's been in a war of words with the 1202 herbal CEO. Over the past few days, Hopewell and Passion Java have been trading words and insults.

It all started when Hopewell pointed out that today's youth was lost and he pointed out that activist Namatai Kwekweza only had a thousand followers while Passion Java had 300K.

Hopewell wrote the following on a post across social media platforms (The post was accompanied by screenshots of Namatai and Passion Java's profiles):

"Now this defines the bankruptcy of today’s youths!

On the left (up) is an activist fighting for a better future for these youths, on the right (down) is a comedian “prophet.”

The numbers of followers define the uselessness of today’s youths and their lack of political consciousness. Tragic

They will buy data to share Java’s nonsense and not share things that will enhance their future!"

Passion Java took this as a personal attack and he went across social media platforms calling Hopewell a "dick". Java also ranted that Hopewell was a failed journalist who attacked politicians to get funding from the West. In a post on Twitter he wrote:

"Ndosaka uri 113010, face inenge dahwa rinegoita pahuro. #siyananeni failed journalist who wants to look for NGO donations through attacking Zimbabweans and politicians!"

Hopewell was unrelenting however and he pointed out that the insults made by Passion Java proved his point. Hopewell went on to post a picture of Passion Java on top of his car and he wrote the following:

"In a normal country, these youths would be at work or university doing their postgrad studies.

By encouraging this Tomfoolery, the youths will start thinking that they too can make it through unconventional means and at times corrupt pathways, and the system likes that.

This creates a sideshow of hope stopping the youths from asking the hard questions to the authors of their misery, the regime!

They are no longer bothered about why they don’t have water as they follow these freak shows!

The fact that within our midst there are people who defend this shows how broken and tragic our society has become!

I won’t stop talking about these sideshows because when I talk I don’t do so for likes or Retweets!I will say the most unpopular things as long as my moral compass tells me that I am right!If I don’t do that, I will also have to answer to future generations why I kept quiet!

We have a mindset problem!!!"

Passion took to Instagram as the war of words continued. In a video, he reiterated that the failed journalist should leave him alone and he insinuated that Hopewell was dating underage girls. Hopewell has also since been given the nickname Hopeless Chimukonyo by the prophet and Passion Java also went on to post a picture of himself with the president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa and in the caption, he wrote:

"Ava Ndivo President vanondigonera even ndisingaite politics ndosaka Hopeless chimukonyo achindirwisa. I’m not a politician, Face inenge chi? #siyananeni"

Hopewell didn't let it end there however and he took a screenshot of Passion Java's post and he posted it on his own social media page with the caption:

"I hope the youths can now see how they are at times used by regime enablers like Java, whose central purpose is to divert the youths’ attention from REAL issues of the day like poverty, jobs, hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, NO corruption, looting and plunder!
Open your eyes!"

We wait to see if Passion Java makes another move. In recent times he has had artists under him making diss songs for people he's feuding with, so maybe a diss song for Hopewell could be next. We'll wait and see!
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