Zimbabweans Lambast Passion Java

Let Ginimbi Rest In Peace

By  | Nov 22, 2020, 08:14 AM  | Passion Java  | Drama

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Passion Java doesn't seem to be leaving the media spotlight since he came into the country last week. Every day it seems he's making headlines for one story after the other. Over the weekend he was mobbed by fans in Chitungwiza and his convoy had to come to a standstill while he stood up through the sunroof to address the crowd.

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Passion was also reportedly in a war of words with Pokello after she reportedly didn't want him at Ginimbi's funeral. Passion has since come out saying Pokello is his sister and that she inspires him.

In an interview with Star FM, Passion said he had a dream where he saw himself on the other side. He recognised the other side to be heaven and he saw Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure. In the dream, Passion says Ginimbi told him to tell Zimbabweans he's in a better place because he was a person who prayed although they just didn't know it. Ginimbi also told Passion to tell Zimbabweans to turn to God and accept him. As Passion was about to be asked what he thought on Prophet Madungwe's statement that Ginimbi was in hell he interrupted the question shouting "honouring and conquering".

In response to the question, Passion said they're some people who are in need of "real weed" so that they may act normal because not smoking might their problem. Passion Java went on to say let's honour our big brother Genius "the greatest force". 

Many have accused Passion Java of hogging the limelight and competing for attention with a dead man, Genius Kadungure. So with all this, it's no surprise that his latest comments haven't been received well. 

Responding to the video one of Ginimbi's friends who goes by the name Godogo wrote: 

"Prophet Passion with all due respect let Ginimbi rest in peace, you can still be you if you keep his name out of your business/mouth seems like you are trying to gain social mileage over his death. Ease up man, not even the prophets who had a personal relationship with him have mentioned anything. Allow it man #ginimbi wasn’t even cool with you like that but you find it so easy to chat all that shit about him. You didn’t even know him like that smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ #tiredofyourcloutchase #ripginimbi"

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