Passion Java 'Still' Happily Married & Back In the US

Rest ladies, rest. The Prophet is still taken.

By  | Dec 12, 2020, 01:08 PM  | Drama

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Over the past few days, Prophet Passion Java had set tongues wagging after announcing that his marriage was over. In an Instagram post the prophet had said his divorce was final and that he and his wife had parted ways in January.

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Immediately social media was alight with the story. Many didn't believe it but an equal number also felt it was true. Passion Java said a video announcement with the full story would be coming and that he was now staying in Zimbabwe. Over the past day, Java was posting pictures and videos of him travelling to Mutare and it made him seem like he was still in Zimbabwe when he was already on his way back to the US.

Yet a few days ago Passion Java made it seem like his union was over. Java said he would issue an announcement via video tomorrow (Thursday) at 5 pm. Prophet Passion has however long been known for his antics so many fans were sceptical that his announcement was true. A few fans insinuated that Java was trying to divert attention from his battle of words with Hopewell Chin'ono which had ended with Java posting a picture of him with the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The picture sparked controversy with many social media users as their made up of the urban youth which has been heavily critical of Emmerson Mnangagwa's leadership. The divorce announcement also seemed to be against the grain of current events as Lily Java in the past weeks had shared posts of love and affection for Prophet Passion. One of the posts was a special birthday message to him and the other featured him in his role as a father, with Lily praising him for being a great parent. In the post referring to his divorce the prophet wrote:

"Ndine urombo kukuzivisai kuti divorce yangu namai mwana has been approved, takasiyana gore richitanga saka ndakugara muZimbabwe. Tomorrow around 5 pm zim time ndichakupai video yakakwana!"

Prophet Passion Java and his wife Lily Java recently welcomed a new baby boy into the family. This was child number 4 for Prophet Passion and child number 3 for the couple that has been married since 2016. Passion Java's first child was with his first wife Prophetess Yasmin before they divorced and this past divorce has also given credence to Passion's recent announcement, with many saying if it happened before it can happen again.
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