Tytan & Olinda Holiday In Dubai

By  | Dec 29, 2020, 08:19 PM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

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Over the past month, a union thought to be broken seems to have come back together. It seems Tytan and Olinda are back together again.

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News that will make Takura very happy as he sang on his song Jehovah, "Iwe Tytan naOlinda musasiyane mazvinzwa." The two have not released any official confirmation that they're together again but all the signs point to it.

Over the Christmas holidays, Tytan and Olinda were together in Dubai. The two first posted pictures that had the same scenery in them on their respective social media accounts and Zimbabwean social media users were quick to put two and two together. A while later on a picture of the couple together in Dubai was posted on the various Zimbabwe celebrity pages.

Over the days the couple has posted pictures of their luxury meals and hotel accommodations. Tytan has been spotting his latest hairdo which has his hair plaited and the two are the picture of happiness in their individual posts. It seems that the trip might be very nostalgic and symbolic in nature. The couple after getting married in 2018 spent their honeymoon in Dubai and now after finding each other again after almost a year of separation they're in Dubai again. It seems that it's not just them who enjoy the offerings of the United Arab Emirates but quite a number of Zimbabwean celebrities like to visit the kingdom. Pokello is one of the celebrities to have recently been there.

Earlier this year Olinda had approached the High Court seeking to formally end her then 19-month marriage to Tytan arguing that her husband never loved her but married her to facilitate his stay in the United Kingdom, where she has permanent residency. The drama between the two then took off from there. Accusations of abuse were flung all around and accusations that one gave the other HIV.

Fans were sent into a hive of speculation wondering if Olinda and Tytan were back together again. This came after Olinda changed her Facebook and Instagram names from Olinda Chapel to Olinda Chapel Nkomo and the Nkomo name she added is the surname of Tytan.

After the rumours of rekindling their relationship flooded social media, Olinda Chapel shared a quote that made the rumours seem more than just rumours. The post read, "While some are focused on finding a rich husband I'm focused on being a rich wife". This seemed to insinuate that she was back to being Mrs Nkomo. Furthermore, a few days ago Tytan and Olinda shared the same ad on their social media platforms about requiring 10 staff members. This confirmed that the two were at least working together.

Olinda and Tytan welcomed a daughter last year who is currently a year and 8 months old. Her name is Nandi and the couple only share pictures of her once in a while. Olinda recently shared a picture of Tytan and Nandi which she captioned "Two peas in a pod".
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