Olinda Chapel's Spicy Message To Body Shamers

Her thighs are as big as her bank balance

By  | Sep 14, 2020, 09:59 AM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

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When it comes to clapping back Olinda Chapel is a master at doing it and is never afraid to say exactly what is on her mind.

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In a recent live Olinda had a message for body shamers who tend to comment about her body. 
The United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean socialite during her live on Instagram open about the things social media trolls say and how they can affect a person. 
Olinda started by first acknowledging how women are beautiful, in all forms and shapes that they are. 
"The mistake that a lot of theses' people make is that they think their opinion is so valid, it determines how one sees themselves. They've got it so mixed up," shared Olinda during her live. 
Olinda then encouraged women to be protective over what they allow in their minds and not let what people saying influence how they feel about themselves. 
She then went to speak about people will always say the most and if a perfect slim body did everything then why do people still fix their bodies, which shows everyone has their own insecurities. 
"If it's so perfect why are you worried about my fatness. My thighs are as big as my bank account," shared Olinda.

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Olinda is not the first personality to speak out against body shamers on social media, South African based model Tino Chniyani has also shared a few words dedicated to those troll people on social media. 
Tino is known for sharing pictures of his body, especially showing off his toned abs but those with magnifying glasses have noticed a flaw with his belly button and for Tino's nothing new. In fact, it's something he has been teased for all his life, so it doesn't affect him much.  
Taking to Twitter, Tino laughed off those body-shaming his belly button and let know that when it comes to his flaws, he has learnt to love them and everything else. 
"I learnt to love my flaws & everything about me. It’s called self-love. You dummies should try it sometime. Coz all that negativity just tells me you hate yourself," shared Tino.  
The model encouraged his followers to be proud of who they are because people can't steal your shine at the end, and we must agree with Tino. However, getting to this point has taken Tino some time as before he used to get mad at the bitter souls now, he just sits and laughs at them. 

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