Olinda Responds To Her Ex Stunner's Diss

By  | May 21, 2020, 12:39 PM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

Recently Stunner had a Q and A on his Instagram Live where he talked about his relationship with his current wife and if he is friends with his ex wife Olinda Chapel.

In the Live he said he will never get back with her and he is not friends with her and that is that.

"Hatina ma games atinotamba tese"

Olinda has come out to drag him for capping for the masses. She has receipts and everything!

On in a Facebook post she felt like they were cordial and cool with each other but he went on his Live and made her look like a clown. She told him to stop calling and texting her.

Instagram embed
Instagram embed

She even sent screenshoots of him calling her.

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