Olinda Chapel Throws shade at Prophet Magaya.

She Is Vouching For Young Girls

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

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Olinda Chapel pulled her knives out, head hunting the PHD Ministries leader, prophet Walter Magaya. Chapel said that the popular prophet is not fit to be a preacher of the word especially when adulterous issues are concerned.

She also said that people should look deeper into the victim’s story not to quickly dismiss the rape allegations as some of them might come out to be true.

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Chapel on a Facebook live video that she posted also added that if the allegations raised against Prophet Magaya come out to be true, he is not fit to go on the pulpit to address issues of adultery or abuse.

She said “If someone says they were raped whether true or false it’s an issue that cannot be ignored because some people will be sincere. Before we go any further this means it was an adulterous affair, how then does a prophet who stands in front of a congregation preaching, commit adultery. Then there is the issue of age.”

“I know our country is facing a lot of problems, it’s a very negative environment at the moment, but young girls should be encouraged to speak out. If you’re a young girl and find yourself in such circumstances you need to speak up.”

Other social media users have also accused Magaya of using the money to silence the victim and her parents. Some have also gone to the extent of linking the prophet to several issues of incest which however are prematurely withdrawn mainly because the victim could have been offered a brown envelope by the prophet.
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Prophet Magaya is not new to controversy. Earlier this year he announced that he had found a cure for HIV and other chronic diseases. He was however dragged to court for misleading people.

He also had a fallout with a raunchy dancer Bev Sibanda after Magaya offered to open a business for her so that she abandons her pole dancing and join PHD Ministries. Bev, however, opened up that Magaya could not fulfill his end of the deal and was now demanding things that were not discussed in their agreement.

Prophet Magaya was also accused of sexually assaulting his church member and offered to pay her some money so that she keeps quiet. Furthermore, she later dropped the charges.

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Recently the flamboyant prophet has been accused by some parents of one of his congregants for raping their daughter, leading to several people like Olinda Chapel to pass their remarks concerning the matter.

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