Olinda Chapel Hits Back At “Husband Snatcher” Accusations

A UK-based businesswoman recently said she stole her man and money

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 10:18 AM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

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Olinda Chapel has faced her fair share of controversies in the past, but few can be compared to being accused of stealing another woman’s husband and company. She has come out strongly to address these accusations, and she is breathing fire. 

A UK-based businesswoman recently came out to accuse the entrepreneur and social media personality of stealing her husband. 

As ZimEye reports, the lady called Gaynor Fundira recently came forth with a video in which she detailed how Olinda stole her man. According to Gaynor, Olinda was then just a carer, when she caught the attention of the man, Byron. 
He then allegedly ran off with Olinda, and the two of them proceeded to squander the couple’s marital wealth together. This included money that was meant to raise their children, leaving the young kids in a terrible condition. 

To make matters worse, Gaynor further alleged that Olinda’s shipping company, Gain, was named after her to spite her. Gaynor ranted, saying that she had been nothing but a good employer to Olinda, paying her tax and national insurance, and she did not appreciate how the woman repaid her. She left a message for Byron to finalise their divorce and give her back all her money. 
Olinda has come out to respond just as strongly. Going on her Instagram stories, she first detailed how she used to be employed but quit to start her own business, but her toxic former bosses were unhappy about it and tried to sabotage her. 

She then showed the documents detailing how she got a bank loan to start her business, as well as how she got it registered. Addressing Gaynor, she demanded that the woman produce any proof that the company was ever in her name. 

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On the husband snatching, she says she was very married in 2014, and had zero interest in the woman’s husband. She then challenged Gaynor, once again, to provide any proof of the affair if she wants to be taken seriously. 

Olinda has also complained about how people like to make up rumours about her, and that it hurts her and her husband. However, she has receipts on her side, so she will defend herself with them one last time. 

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But she has warned that she will not be doing it anymore, and whatever is said about her next, fans should go ahead and believe it, because she is tired of explaining. 

She has promised to take the “required action”, which sounds like she means legal recourse. This remains a developing story. 

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