Olinda Accused Of Abusing Her Zimbabwean Employees

She can’t catch a break!

By  | Jun 01, 2022, 06:53 PM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

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A Zimbabwean woman who was recruited by businesswoman   Olinda Chapel through her Gain Healthcare international recruitment process is accusing her of being an abusive employer.

The shocking allegations were made in a group called “Ladies Of UK” where Olinda was accused of letting her internationally recruited employees live in dilapidated accommodation.

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The employee’s sister went on Facebook live to narrate her story.

“I brought my relative here in UK through the sponsorship Visa. Before I brought her here, I would here people under sponsorship visas complaining that their working conditions but I just thought they were exaggerating. Little did I know that people were being abused. I only realized that after this relative of mine came here.

“She was given a filthy house to stay. It was filled with dirt, the stove was not working, the couches were filthy and the house didn’t have any curtains. She arrived late at the house and she had to go to work early in the next morning so she didn’t have time to clean

“On top of that, the same night she arrived a Nigerian woman who is also under sponsorship visa came to the house and asked my sister to share the bed with her because she didn’t have any blankets. Imagine sharing a bed with a stranger you just met.”

The sister called out Olinda for calling herself a Rich Aunt and throwing lavish parties whilst failing to provide a decent living for her employees.

The employee’s sister also claimed her sister had to be taken to the hospital after getting exposed to the cold because there was no electricity at the house.

She claims when the paramedics came, they said the house was not fit for a human being so they called the police and made a safeguarding concern. She added that the issue was now in the hands of the police.

An angry Olinda however went on Facebook Live yesterday to set the record straight and defend herself and her company.

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She gave her fans a tour of the house in question which looked somewhat decent but was very dirty.

Olinda accused the employees of trashing the house she provided for them to live.
There was trash all over the floors, rotten food, molds in the sink and refrigerator and dirt all over the house. There was also no curtains in house but Olinda claimed they had just taken them down.

She expressed her disappointment over the alleged abuse whilst cleaning the filthy filled house.

“I am very upset. People want to go outside saying all these nasty things about me when I’m only trying to help. I can’t give you a job and clean after you as well. Learn to respect your sponsors,” Olinda said.

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She went on to say that her sponsors were already sidelining Zimbabwean employees because they are “hard to work with”

Last year, Olinda had to stop recruiting from Zimbabwe after being accused of scamming people.

“It is with great sadness that I have made the decision to halt international recruitment from Zimbabwe. I love Zimbabwe very much and I truly believe in promoting local. Gain Healthcare will continue recruitment internationally from other countries like India, Philippines etc.

“From day one I have been accused of not having a sponsor licence. Then it was paddled as  scam….The abuse I have received has really affected my mental health and most time I no longer enjoy the job I love very much,” Olinda posted on her Facebook page.


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