Mai Titi Launches Into Olinda Again

Here we go again.

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Right at the time we thought there will be no more drama amongst the country’s top female socialites as comediennes, Madam Boss and Mai Titi buried the hatchet a few weeks ago after a hot heated social media fallout, it appears as if Mai Titi is not yet ready to forgive Olinda Chapel who, without invitation, dragged herself into the fight.

After settling her dispute with Madam Boss, Mai Titi accused the United Kingdom-based controversial businesswoman, Olinda, of offering money to Madam Boss so that she could hire lawyers and sue her.

But since laying that accusation, Mai Titi did not go engage into a rampant attacking spree on Olinda as per her reputation, making us think that she had let it slide.

Alas! from her recent Facebook post, Mai Titi relentlessly ploughed into Olinda as she shred into her union with husband, Tytan.

“Ende vanhu kusvotwa nabae wangu kutomuendera kuinbox hanzi washayey? Manje hatiskuzorambana mufunge. Ndichamubata Bho plus ndirikutomuroora futi, ndoendesa madozen echingwa kumba kwavo ndomutengera Mota. Moti angaendepi? Ndoisa solar kumba kwavo chero asisandide anongogarira kuchengetwa kwaaaaa. Chembere mukadzi hahaha... Ndatoposta kuchine magetsi kuti munatsoona. Kkkkkkkk.

“Chikuru kunzi Mrs...... Something,” wrote Mai Titi.

(Haters are sending my boyfriend direct messages asking him what he really saw in me. But we will never part, I will take care of him and will even marry him then send food to his family and buy him a car as well, where do you think he will go with all that showering? What is important is for me to be called by his surname despite that I am older than him.)

The post directly relates to Olinda who has been making waves on social media since her union with musician, Tytan. Besides the 7 years age gap between them (Olinda being the older) another intriguing matter about the couple is a contrast between their pockets.

Get yourself some popcorns and watch as the drama unfold.

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