Ntsiki's Boob Picture Does More Than Spark Body Shaming Dialogue

It has sparked the #NtsikiChallenge

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM

Ntsiki Mazwai's bare-breasted activism has sparked more than just a much needed dialogue against body shaming but also the #NtsikiChallenge as well, which saw many women participating.

Social media was buzzing with comments and opinions this past weekend when  took to Twitter to relay a message about claiming her "male privilege" and appreciating her natural body.

The singer posted images of herself topless and braless  at a lake alongside two of her male friends, who were also topless.

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The images received mixed reactions from both men and women on social media and subsequently inspired a conversation against body shaming.

While one half of social media frowned upon Ntsiki's obscene method of getting a point across, the other half commended the boldness in her demonstration.

Amid the conflict of thoughts and opinions, a #NtsikiChallenge was birthed where women began posting images of themselves in their bras in hopes to spread a message against the shaming of women's real breast shapes - particularly addressing the comments shaming Ntsiki's breasts.

One social media user (@angel_nomzi) sought to enlighten the masses with an image she posted of an array of differently shaped breasts.

"Can't believe it's 2019 and people are still shook over sagging boobs. Boobs sag with lower levels of elastin. Elastin lowers with age, weight loss, others just have low levels of it, etc. Big, medium or small, boobs sag. Get over it. #NtsikiChallenge," she wrote.

Well, it turns out Ntsiki Mazwai's bare-breasted activism did more than spark a scandal; it liberated many women from the pressure of having 'perfect' breasts.

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