Nox Gets Dragged

His ex rejoices at his demise.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Nox Guni  | Drama

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Last week, one Zimdancehall artist called Jay C came out fuming and told a local tabloid newspaper H-metro that Nox had snatched his girlfriend from him.

Jay C said that Nox had fooled him and stole his girlfriend and on top of that hooked Freeman and released a song to shame him. He also said that Freeman after realising that he was used by Nox to produce a song which dissed Jay C , called him and apologised .

He also outlined that he did not dump his girlfriend, but had a problem with her after he realised that she was involved in some sex escapades.

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Moreover , Nox’s popular ex called  Amai Gamu could not hide her delight over Nox’s fall out with Jay C and she cited that Nox had a lot of secrets and they were now exposed by his friends.

Take a look at her Facebook post below.

She also added on another post that every person who has wronged, including Nox, have faced a lot of bad luck in their lives.
Furthermore many people have accused Nox of snatching other people’s girlfriends and later dump them. Some gave open advice to Nox’s new girlfriend that her boyfriend was going to hurt her as he was unfaithful and she needs to run for her life before it's too late.

Other people on social media, however, said that the whole issue is a publicity gimmick by Nox and his friend Jay C in order to market his new single Waimutambisa.

Nox is not new to controversy, a week after his engagement proposal, a video of him masturbating and video calling another lady went viral.

He was also accused of using his ex-girlfriend Amai Gamu for funding his lifestyle and business then later dumped her for his current fiancée.

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