Why People Hate Mudiwa Hood?

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Award winning rapper Mudiwa Hood is arguably one of the most hated artist in the country. Even people who don’t have anything against the rapper have joined in on the Mudiwa Hood hate train. It is almost cool to hate Mudiwa and uncool to love and support him. But why is that? Why do people hate him so much?  Is he that bad or he is just an easy target? Here is what we know!

Mudiwa Hood is outspoken

The rapper is not one to shy away from his opinions. He is not afraid to clap back when people comes for him (Ask Tino Chinyani). He says what he thinks and people can love it or hate it. Because of this, Mudiwa has been involved in a number of beefs with fellow celebrities.  He once posted, “It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.” As a public figure, Mudiwa lives his life in the public and he has made some controversial statements that have landed him on the bad side of many.

Mudiwa was also criticized when he shared his excitement over President Emmerson Mnangagwa reading his book titled “Shut Up And Make Money”. Many believed he was being political but then he shut it down when he shared that CCC President Nelson Chamisa had also read his book. Still people always find ways to attack him mostly for no reason at all.

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He is not apologetic about his wealth

“If the whole world saw you STRUGGLING then the whole world MUST SEE you also when you start WINNING #unapologeticallyblessed.” These are the words Mudiwa Hood lives by.

From his expensive cars, clothes, shoes, phones, up to his son’s toys, Mudiwa is not afraid to show off his wealth. Often times, he posts pictures on his luxurious bedroom with USD$100 notes scatted everywhere.

Whilst Mudiwa says it’s his way of motivating the fellow youth, many believe the rapper loves to brag to make himself feel superior. “He is like a kid with new toys dangling them in front of other kids’ faces,” a fan once commented. Because of his caliber, Mudiwa has faced a lot of scrutiny. People even made fun of him when he wore a fake Air Jordin cap…..but is it all that serious?

His beef with Stunner

I personally believe the Mudiwa Hood hate train emanated from his beef with fellow rapper Stunner. Rap beefs and diss tracks are basically part of the hip-hop culture so it was not surprising when these two rappers started going at each other.
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They battled over who was the king of hip-hop, who was the best dressed in the game and who had many awards. Stunner however got favor from fans when Mudiwa started throwing in his wealth to “belittle” Stunner. Fans were mot too pleased with his tactic to gain redemption by pointing out their lifestyle differences. Mudiwa made fun of Stunner’s ghetto Glen Norah where he allegedly briefly moved back when things were tight and many felt he was not playing a fair game. But isn’t that how a rap beef goes? Are they rules when it comes to dissing each other? Well….apparently. 

Many question his talent.

The biggest joke about Mudiwa on the internet is his music. Many feel he doesn’t have talent and even question the multiple awards Mudiwa always brags about.

They joke that if a gun was held to their head and they were asked to list at least 3 songs by Mudiwa Hood to save their lives, they would die. That however has not discouraged the rapper from creating new music.

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On Mother’s Day he released a track alongside Trevor Dongo titled Amai Vakandirera” which trended on YouTube at number 3 in Zimbabwe.

He lives a decent life many wish they could live

Let’s face it! If we had a chance to trade lives with the rapper, many of us will jump on the offer. Mudiwa lives a lifestyle many adore.

He drives expensive cars, lives in a beautiful apartment, he dresses well, and he is a successful businessman about to open his luxury shop. Hate him or love him, you can’t deny that the rapper is doing well for himself despite the constant hate he gets on a daily basis.

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