Mudiwa Hood Speaks to UZ Students

By  | Oct 22, 2020, 09:25 AM  | Mudiwa Hood  | Drama

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The award-winning gospel hip-hop artist Mudiwa Hood has never been one to be shy when talking about his intellectual strength. In recent days when there was a social media dispute with a few  Twitter unknowns, he was quick to point out how he graduated with a first-class MBA from Africa University with several years experience working in banking to boot! In the same stride, we can only assume; Mudiwa has been putting his brainpower to good use by giving lectures to University of Zimbabwe students.
This week alone he has addressed three different groups of students and in his Instagram post, he says it's always a pleasure to be invited to speak to students by the prestigious university. Mudiwa on top of his music boasts of being a brand ambassador for multiple brands. In his lectures at the University of Zimbabwe, the artist spoke on business leadership, campus life, mindset and career pathing. 
On Monday he addressed medical students and lawyers, then on Tuesday, commercial students and engineering students. The third group on Wednesday was a mix of agricultural, food science, engineering and social science students.

The artist has often shown off his versatility by switching from a music environment to the cooperate world. Mudiwa's business acumen has also been displayed in how he turned his career into a springboard for other opportunities beyond just the music.
The artist hasn't released an album in almost 5 years and one would almost think he was retired but in recent weeks he attempted a freestyle on his Instagram live. The performance, however, fell short and it was the subject of trolling over the next few days, especially on Twitter. The artist has known to be especially proud of his looks and the regularly posted selfies on his page show that. He's also been known to be a bit of a tease by putting captions like;
"Single but first come first serve"
"If you have a crush on me trust me, you have expensive but good taste, in fact, you like nice things."
The artist who is related to the socialite Genius 'Ginimbi' Kadungure was also a guest at the all-white party. He appeared in pictures with Spar Letta Cherry Plum bottles while others held champagne among other bottles of liquor.

 He whimsically captioned the pictures; "I love Cherrympopo yangu or Fantmpopo hangu... 😂😂😂 G knew hood ndewe cherry hake... Confidence wakabata $1 😂😂 mumaoko kunge wakabata Champopo"
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