Judge To Settle Moana's Burial Dispute On Wednesday

Both her families have different plans on how to bury her

By  | Nov 24, 2020, 04:37 PM  | Drama

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Both sides of Moana's family haven't been seeing eye to eye in terms of how and when to bury their late daughter. It has been weeks since her passing but he has not been buried yet. This is because her father's side of her family is claiming superiority in the arrangement of burial plans.

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According to Newsdze Zimbabwe the matter has escalated to the High Court where judge Justice Pisirai Kwenda will be issuing out a ruling as to how her funeral will be carried out.

The burial plans for the late Moana were sideswiped last Wednesday, 18 November as her father's side of the family stopped the issuance of burial order. The father Ishmael Amuli argued that, as the father, he had a right to be involved in the whole process including DNA tests that were conducted without his prior knowledge. The feuding parents and relatives are said to have been sent to Doves to iron out the differences.

Her mother Kuvaoga wants to stop her father from getting any sort of power over her as he wants her funeral to be done under his Islamic religion. This will mean that Kuvaoga as a woman, will be not allowed during the burial ceremony. She wants to bury her daughter at Zororo Cemetary.

Tatenda Amuli who is Mitchelle "Moana" Amuli's sister announced that her sister would be buried last week Thursday but there have been major delays ever since.

Michelle Amuli popularly known as Moana has had her funeral being delayed because of the fact that authorities could not identify her remains after her and other 2 victims were burned in the car. However, DNA test results for the burnt remains of Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Amuli, Lumumba Karim Cazal and Alichia Adams were finally concluded over the past few days and released to the CID Forensic department by the National University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) Applied Genetic Testing Center.

Moana, Karim and Alichia died in a tragic car crash along Borrowdale road, together with socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadunguwere on the 8th of November. 
The younger sister of the late socialite and brand ambassador posted the following message on her Instagram:

"Michelle Amuli a socialite/fitness trainer affectionately known as Moana will be laid to rest on Thursday, 19 November 2020

She died in the early hours of 8 November 2020 after attending her birthday party together with Ginimbi and 2 foreign friends. The Rolls Royce they were travelling in collided with a Honda Fit along Borrowdale Road, in Harare, Zimbabwe.

She was just starting off her public profile and was a promising video actress, model, fitness trainer, socialite. Her life was cut off prematurely before she reached her full potential. A great LOSS. She will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Moana, you are irreplaceable. A truly wonderful human being, our Beautiful Beast"

In an interview with H-Metro, one of Moana's relatives on the father's side said the other side of the family were trying to steal Moana. In her exact words, she said, 

"They wanted to take our daughter without our knowledge, because of social media they were showing their stupidity and we found out through our relatives what they were doing and so we poured sand on it (Spoilt their plans)." 

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