MisRed "In A Season Of Letting Go"

She's not letting anyone's opinion of her get to her

By  | Sep 16, 2020, 09:49 AM  | MisRed  | Drama

When it comes to saying what's on her mind, radio and television personality MisRed does not hold back.

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Not so long ago the personality was trolled for showing off too much leg. Some social media users even accused her of showing her "bedroom tools" to the world. 

The social media user even went out of their way and edited one picture, covering up her legs. MisRed was not fazed by the tweep and responded with a picture that showed even more leg.

When it comes to people's people opinion of her and she is in a new season of letting certain things go. 

"I’m in a season of letting go, some of it self imposed, some of it I have no option... but in all of it, I’m learning to choose myself. We get caught up in the idea of letting people’s opinion of us matter... but when all is said & done, it doesn’t matter! You know yourself best!" tweeted the personality.
The ZiFM Stereo radio host has been a rain of positivity lately and has been exploring the beauty that is Zimbabwe and spreading positivity on timelines. 

"Your life journey is so unique to you. It will take you on many different routes but open yourself up to experience it all... learn & grow. As for me... no regrets ever!" she shared. 

When it comes to setting trolls straight MisRed is not afraid to set them straight, especially when it comes to men who find her to be intimidating. 

"Like many I know, I’m the type of woman who may scare some men because they may be intimidated by my confidence or strength, but in the words of a Strong Man “Do not be afraid to be associated with a strong woman for the day will come when she will be your only army,” shared the personality on Instagram.

MisRed is one of the well-known DJs in the country. She is also a television personality and has presented ZBC TV Coca-Cola on the beat alongside KVG and Patience Musa. 

MisRed has facilitated many red-carpet events and she has also appeared one of Jah Prayzah’s video for the song Kunerima on his Chitubu album. 

Image credit: Instagram @imisred

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