Social Media Big Guns Come to Misred's Rescue

Sis has got backup

By  | Oct 20, 2020, 07:33 AM  | MisRed  | Drama

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Following the Twitter storm from Misred's comments on her Instagram live, a few celebrities have come to her support. In Samantha Musa's Live, more opularly known as Misred, she discussed the issue of national pride and how Zimbabweans were lacking a love of country. She pointed out her perceived behaviour of other African countries and said that Zimbabweans complained when their nation is far better than other places.
Begottensun (Kuda Musasiwa) who also goes by the title Vendor in Chief was the first to run to Misred's defence. He posted the video of Misred's Instagram Live with the caption, 

"We are a wounded nation. And yes: we have started hating our country; heritage and culture. @iMisred hasn’t told a lie. African countries I've been to aren’t even close to Zim. We must fight for better not to hate ourselves in the process. Zanu isn’t Zim."
He backed Misred's point of view and in further tweets, he pointed out that criticism of the systems of government does not make one less patriotic. Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube is another high profile individual that also came out on Misred's side. In a tweet he put out he said, 

"You are spot on @iMisred! I wish you had said it twice! There is now a group that’s now dictating how we must love our country as if their way is the only way of making zimbabwe better."
Ordinary Zimbos are on Misred's side while the majority continue to strongly criticise how she expressed her point of view. A tweet that truly set Zimbabwean Twitter ablaze was one from the Zanu PF handle that says;

 "No to bullying‼️ @iMisred should be allowed to express her views like any other Zimbabweans."
The conversation is still on-going and does not be dying down anytime soon.  It has even shifted to discussing cancel culture and social media bullying
Misred is clearly unphased. If anything she has continued to speak on patriotism, regardless. 
"Today was good 😊. Some conversations on here reminded me of something important... We have a long way to go, but the fact is we have an amazing place to build& we will do it together for as long as we remember we are stronger together! I have complete faith. sending Love & light❤️💋" 
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