Misred Doesn't Mind Intimidating Men!

Misred Won't Compromise Her Womanhood!

By  | May 26, 2020, 09:44 AM  | MisRed  | Drama

Radio and TV personality Misred has admitted that she's not too concerned about men who find her to be "intimidating".

Yesterday we discussed the types of women who some men deem as "not marriage material" and today we're discussing another interesting topic: ambitious, fearless and uncompromising women who simply don't play "small" to satisfy a weak man's ego.

Misred identifies as the latter and we were proud to read a passionate post she shared on Instagram where she revealed that she wouldn't be soothing the soft characters of egotistical people.

The radio A-lister said in her post, "Like many I know, I’m the type of woman who may scare some men because they may be intimidated by my confidence or strength, but in the words of a Strong Man
“Do not be afraid to be associated with a strong woman for the day will come when she will be your only army” #ToStrongWomen
May we be unapologetically strong and not dumb ourselves down because of the insecurities of others!"
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A lot of people related to the post and this was most reflected in a beautiful comment that read, 

"That's really powerful and yes times have changed real femininity does not mean being weak and totally dependent on a man.. and true masculinity does not mean lording it over your woman.. created equal just with different abilities that enable us to complement and complete each other. "

Men, have you ever dated a strong woman before?

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