MisRED Defends Her Kadhash Picture

She is comfortable in her skin.

By  | May 26, 2020, 09:41 AM  | MisRed  | Drama

The internet went crazy after the beautiful ZIFM stereo radio personality Samantha Musa popularly known as MisRed posted a picture showing off her thighs.

Many however liked the pose MisRed displayed as the Kadhash pose with some accusing the popular radio personality of sexualising herself and displaying nudity on social media.

Some also said that MisRed was becoming disrespectful to the men that follow her on social media as she is punishing them by showing off her thighs.

BrianNemukuyu“Misred matikuvadza ,usazodaro sha ,isu vanhu vechirume toita sei manje ?”

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Moreover, MisRed denied the allegations and told GemNation News that she is expressing herself as she is not shy of her body.

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She said, “You see, I work on different concept papers and what you see there isn’t anything about sexualizing or anything.“It is just a pure work of art. My narrative has always been that there is no standard of beauty.

“So all I am doing is to create an image around a theme.  A lot of girls like me are not comfortable in their skin because they are big. I have always been curvy and it’s not about perception, but self-empowerment. You should be able to say I’m in charge of my body  big and bold, that’s the narrative,”

It's not the first time MisRed pictures went viral ,in 2015 one of her pictures broke the internet and left many people tongue wagging.
Image Credits :Nehanda Radio

MisRed is not the only one who has publicised pictures that have left many people talking. Other people that have pictures which have gone viral on social media include Vimbai Zimuto and Kikky Badass.

Vimbai Zimuto once told Hmetro that her love for art has inspired her to take pictures in her birth suit. Moreover, Kikky Badass recently criticised Zimuto’s concepts and accused her of stealing her idea.

MisRed is one of the well-known DJs in the country. She is also a television personality and has presented ZBC TV Coca-Cola on the beat alongside KVG and Patience Musa.

MisRed has facilitated many red carpet events and she has also appeared one of Jah Prayzah’s video for the song Kunerima n his Chitubu album.

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