Was Mai TT's Wedding A Hoax?

Tatelicious seems to think so - allegedly

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 01:45 PM  | Mai Titi  | Drama

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Zimbabwe has not seen a wedding as beautiful and glamorous as that of comedian Felistas Murata, aka Mai TT, in recent times. But now, some holes are being poked in the whole affair as rumours emerge that it was not real, but rather, merely a promotion. 
The comedian recently left her fans and followers in awe as she took to social media to share pictures of her wedding. As she told the stories of the struggles they went through for the ceremony, and the things she and her now-husband had to sacrifice for their big day, not an eye reading the captions was dry. 

However, one person did not buy into the pomp and circumstance, and has allegedly trashed the whole thing. 
As ZimEye News reports, socialite and human rights activist Tatelicious Karigambe recently suggested that the whole affair was a hoax. 

She is reported to have said that it was all just a promotion, and that the Zimbabwean public is only being bamboozled to think that it was real. “Hapana Chakabhadharwa Kwaiva KuPromoter Hembe Nemakeke,” the report reads. 
For those who are as sceptical as Tatelicious is, some things may seem to prove her right. The comedian shared that her husband had been denied time off to fly to Zimbabwe for his wedding, but he managed to show up anyway. 

Now that the ceremony has been wrapped up, she says Tinashe Maphosa has flown back to the United States to go back to work after risking his job for their relationship. She plans to join him there soon, but for now, the newlyweds are separated by about 14000 km and an ocean. 
No matter what the sceptics might say, Mrs Maphosa is having a grand time looking back fondly on her lovely day. She has been sharing pictures and videos from the ceremony, as well as a lot of background on how the two of them came to have this beautiful day. 

It is unclear why Tatelicious would conclude that the wedding was only a promotion. From what we can see on the comedian’s social media, there is no reason to suspect anything of the sort. In fact, the couple seems to be happy and in love, and we love to see it. 

Mai TT is yet to respond to these rumours, as she is clearly still basking in her newlywed glow. Either way, we hope Tate is wrong, and wish Mr and Mrs Maphosa a lovely life together – they make such a lovely couple. 
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