Mai Titi Arrested

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By  | Nov 17, 2020, 04:49 PM  | Mai Titi  | Drama

Mai Titi was reportedly arrested according to popular personality Evidence Chihera. It's been said that she's being charged with trying to harm her former friend Kristle Smasher.

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The reports say that Mai Titi hired thugs for $200 USD to go and beat up Kristle Smasher at her house and we're still not sure how the plan was thwarted. In Evidence Chihara's post, she said Mai Titi was being held at Malborough.

On a video clip circulating recorded by Kristle Smasher, an unknown muscular man can be seen confessing that he was sent to assault her by Mai Titi. The man details how different people were paid to ensure the assault happens. He seems to imply that Mai Titi also bribed the Malbereign police to ensure Kristle gets assaulted but he didn't know the reason for the assault. Mai Titi and Kristle Smasher have been involved in a fierce legal battle over the past few months with Kristle being accused of inciting Mai Titi's assistant to kill her.

Earlier on Sunday through posts on her personal Facebook page and on her Instagram account, Mai Titi real name Felistas Edwards announced that her popular Facebook page Mai Ts Diaries had been hacked. The Facebook post read,

 "My page has been hacked working on it..." On the video on her Instagram, she started by asking where this behaviour of hacking and stealing each other's page came from? She said although hacked the page will definitely be back within 2 or 3 days. For now she announced she would be using her Instagram.

Before the hack, Mai Titi had been involved in a war of words with Passion Java who she accused of trying to grab the spotlight at a funeral. Mai Titi took to social media to talk about a supposed rich guy called "John". From the onset Zimbabweans online took John to be Passion Java because the hints brought up by Mai Titi pointed to no one else. 

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Mai Titi's Facebook page had over 500 000 followers at the time. 

Image: Instagram
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