Mai Titi Attacks Olinda

This is getting messy

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Drama

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Drama around comediennes, Madam Boss and Mai Titi continues to unfold and has escalated to another level as it has also roped in the United Kingdom based controversial businesswoman Olinda Chapel.

Olinda, yesterday, held a Facebook live High Tea in which she was hoping to settle the Madam Boss-Mai Titi conflict. However, Olinda rubbed into Mai Titi as she seemed to be taking Madam Boss’ side in the now-deleted Facebook Live video and the former was quick to react and erupt at.

“Olinda Chapel-Nkomo you need Jesus and a man of your age to marry you. If you really find a man you will stay out of people’s business,” she wrote in a now deleted post.

But Olinda’s now deleted response suggests that a lot is going on behind the scenes other than what is currently at face value.
Olinda's Response.
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