Madam Boss Mocks Nehanda

Did she take it too far?

By  | Dec 05, 2020, 02:15 PM  | Madam Boss  | Drama

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Madam boss seems to have taken the Mbuya Nehanda challenge to new heights in social media posts she has since deleted.

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The comedian published a video of herself impersonating the Liberation War Heroine whose statue had started debate across the divide and an internet challenge.

Earlier this week the Mbuya Nehanda statue was unveiled and it set Zimbabwean social media alight. Most Zimbabweans were complaining that the statue did not depict Nehanda at all. On Tuesday when the Mbuya Nehanda statue began trending online people were comparing it to celebrities like Mai Titi, Moana and some even said the statue resembled the American celebrity Amber Rose. The Mbuya Nehanda challenge was instantly born out of this and many people have been posing like the recently unveiled statue in pictures online.

Madam boss, however, took it a step further than the rest as she covered herself in dirt from head to toe to act out a skit of her being possessed. In the video depicting a possessed Madam boss, she says Mbuya Nehanda’s spirit is upon her and she goes on to call upon other liberation heroes like Josiah Tongogara among others.

Nehanda's spirit is known for inspiring Zimbabwe's 1st Chimurenga around 1896-97 and it is a major spirit in the Shona culture. The statue that was unveiled however is of Charwe who was a medium of the Nehanda spirit. The popular comedian, Madam boss received quite the backlash online as many Zimbabweans felt the skit was disrespectful and a few hours later the skit was deleted from her social media.

There is a strong belief among Zimbabweans that spirit of Nehanda will strike back against those who mock her but this is still to be seen. The comedian was already the subject of a prophecy that says her life is in danger and the dates of the prophecy fall in December. She had called upon likes of Passion Java to pray for her and we're still yet to see if the prophecy will reign true.

Among those who have been defending the statue of Nehanda and its, the depiction is Presidential spokesperson George Charamba. In a statement he said:

“Mutasa, the creator of the statue says I chose to capture Nehanda in her youthful priesthood to symbolize the VIGOR OR BUOYANCY OF HER PROPHECY??? How would you counter that?? Anyway, liking this or that version is really the prerogative of the commissioning authority, in this case, Govt of Zimbabwe, which is why the President went to inspect the effort.

“It would be very interesting to see which direction the debate takes when we produce the statue of General Khumalo whose picture no-one has or seen!! How will that be done is verisimilitude is the yardstick???

“Predictably, society will have to be WILLING to SUSPEND DISBELIEF in order to embrace the resultant statue and agree to believe it represents General Khumalo!!! The same way we embrace figures on TOMB OF UNKNOWN SOLDIER!!!! Ndaenda!!!"
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