Kuda Musasiwa AKA Begottensun In Critical Condition

Everyone's hoping he'll be ok

By  | Jan 05, 2021, 03:46 PM  | Drama

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Kuda Musasiwa who was formerly known as the artist Begottensun is one of the most notable entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

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Besides being a businessman he is also a musician and music producer although he has seemingly set aside that part of his life. In 2018 he also donned his political as he managed Fadzayi Mahere's political campaign for Mt Pleasant Member of parliament.

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He is the founder tech-based businesses Fresh In A Box and Lytee which are currently trailblazing the business market in Zimbabwe. Musasiwa was once the producer of Junior Brown and the two worked together on the politically charged track Tongogara.

Kuda Musasiwa is said to be critically ill and in ICU as of a few days ago. This news comes after his wife Nomaliso had initially said he was recovering at home. After a post about another Kuda being in ICU, Nomaliso had written:

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"Just to clarify, She has her own brother as well called Kuda. Kuda Musasiwa is still at home and fighting hard, we are hopeful for both of them to pull through. Thank you for everyone who has been keeping us in their  thoughts and prayers"

In the late days of December, Kuda had presented with COVID-19 symptoms but several tests had come back negative. On various days he had updated people about his condition and it seemed it was taking a turn for the better. In a post the businessman wrote:

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"Yesterday I was dying. My blood oxygen had got way beyond life. It dropped to about 72%. I could not breathe. This morning I’m on 92%, still very ill but now I will survive. Thank you @drjaytee87 & his team for literally coming and saving my life. Thank you for your prayers"

However, as we got into the new year things took a turn for the worst. We no longer saw any updates posted by him and his good friend Acie Lumumba posted that he was searching for an ICU bed with a ventilator and everyone assumed it was for Kuda Musasiwa. Since then several high profile figures have posted prayer requests and it seems he has been admitted into an ICU bed somewhere in Harare and is currently on a ventilator. Pastor Evan Mawaririre wrote:

"Please help me pray for the recovery of my good friend Kuda Musasiwa as he lies in the intensive care unit today. A wonderful husband to Nomaliso, father, innovative, creative, impressive & incredibly outstanding entrepreneur. Hold on Kuda, you can beat this my bro"

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Hopewell Chin'ono has come out asking for prayers for the businessman, writing:

"Kuda has helped many people to get by in life.

I pray that he pulls through what is the biggest fight of his life.

He is a fighter, let us pray for that fighting spirit that he has used on others to succeed to help him through.

Get well soon Kuda, many need you!"

In an update from Kuda’s father Dr Roy Musasiwa on Tuesday morning. He said from a situation of multiple organ failure, Kuda is now showing signs of recovery. He remains sedated in ICU with the condition still critical but there's a positive outlook.

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This all comes just a few weeks after Musasiwa was at the centre of a Twitter storm after saying covid-19 was not as serious as the threat of starvation. In a tweet he wrote:

"99.9% of humanity survive the COVID-19. The vaccine is 90% effective in the 0.01% that would have died. 

4 million humans will die of hunger in 2020. The vaccine called food would have been 100% effective on those 4 million.

They have spent $100 billion in 2020 on COVID-19 vaccine"

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We hope Kuda Musasiwa has a speedy recovery and he's back to his best soon.
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